The Miss Borinquen Leadership Development Program

The Miss Borinquen Leadership program is designed to help build well-rounded and empowered role models for our community, by providing all of the program participants with unforgettable lifetime experiences and skills that they will use through high school, college and beyond. The Miss Borinquen Leadership Development Program is a unique, exciting, fun, interactive and result driven program for young ladies between the ages of 15-19.


According to a report prepared by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy entitled “By the Numbers: The Public Costs of Adolescent Childbearing”, Teen childbearing is closely linked with high school completion; teens who have a child are less likely to complete high school and college than those who delay childbearing until at least age 20. It is also the case that teens who drop out of school are at an increased risk for early pregnancy.

· More than half (54%) of Latina teen moms do not complete high school, compared to 34 percent of teen moms overall.

· Of all Latinas who drop out of high school between their sophomore and senior year, 36% cite being pregnant or becoming a mother as a reason they dropped out.

· Overall, Latino teens and young adults (ages 16-24) are twice as likely as non-Hispanic blacks and four times more likely than non-Hispanic whites, to have dropped out of high school.


To assist Latina young ladies in combating these statistics, the Miss Borinquen Leadership Development Program provides workshops that prepare them to take on leadership roles, meet the challenges of today and prepare each participant to be successful in their educational endeavors, chosen careers and life. In doing so, we are providing teens with opportunities for educational and career advancement as alternatives to early childbearing.  




The Miss Borinquen Leadership Development Program provides workshops/opportunities to develop and learn about the following topics:



Ø Public Speaking                                                     Ø Dress for Success

Ø Research and Creative Writing                             Ø Civil Rights

Ø Internet Safety                                                      Ø Anti-Bullying

Ø Breast Cancer Awareness                                     Ø Team Building/Team Leading

Ø Cultural Awareness                                               Ø Entrepreneurship and Money Management

Ø Drugs and Alcohol                                                 Ø College Prep/Career Choice           

Ø Healthy Body and Healthy Relationships             Ø Stage Presentation

Ø Etiquette                                                                Ø “A Day of Beauty”

Ø And our unique and signature workshop “Hermana ha Hermana” [Sister to Sister]